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    Used in mechanical parts, computer peripheral parts and other product size measurement
    Performance Description:
    1) Measurement object: suitable for measuring contact probe can not or not easy to accurately measure small parts, easy to deformation of light metal and plastic parts;
    2) The measurement resolution is 0.001mm
    3) The measurement software includes SUNYO 3D image measurement and analysis software functions
    Designed for measuring parts requires large and large dimensions to meet the precise measurement needs of aerospace, mold and parts manufacturing.
    1) Provide a variety of geometric combinations of measurement tools
    2) convenient measurement, fast, intelligent
    3) Click on the edge of the auto-capture
    4) automatic measurement and size
    5) Measure the navigation function, can be in accordance with the established measurement procedures to clearly guide the measurement staff to measure the workpiece
    6) Quickly grasp the workpiece picture, is conducive to generate measurement report illustrations
    The main features of automatic image measuring instrument:
    High-performance Panasonic servo motor with high accuracy and high repeatability
    TPI precision screws for measuring accuracy and accuracy, up to 0.001
    The use of high-precision granite structure, stable and reliable structure.
    Equipped with sbk-cnc multi-function measurement software, measurement speed than AC series of automatic image measuring instrument twice as fast.
    British “RENISHAW” 0.0005 mm metal grating, the measurement data is more stable, more accurate
    Measurement data can be imported into W ord, Excel, AutoCAD, report output function, easy to output test results
    It has automatic contour scanning, contour tracking, product contours, such as automatic scanning.
    Three shafts for Taiwan precision ball and TBI precision clubs, machine precision and service life.
    CNC special high-resolution lens and special high-resolution CCD, to achieve high-definition product measurement.
    Industry advanced dual image navigation lens, easy to implement programming and program measurement, can choose automatic transformer.wholesale Optical Measuring Machine


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